Berryfield is the victim of its own success

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SUCH has been the success of the Carnoustie Allotment Association project at Berryfield that local people hoping to sample the ‘Good life’ have little chance of obtaining a plot in the foreseeable future.

Neil Watson, 37 Newton Crescent, Carnoustie, a retired land manager with the Ministry of Defence, believes that there is a need for more ground to be made available.

He told the Guide & Gazette: “I hope that you may be able to assist with what I consider to be a collective community requirement.

“At present there is an allotment at Berryfield, given over by courtesy of Angus Council, for the citizens of Carnoustie. This however, is fully subscribed and there remain 30 or so individuals on the waiting list for a plot.

“The turnover is two or three places per year so, with the waiting list growing year on year, it is clear that, with a growing trend towards ‘self-sufficiency’, demand will always exceed supply in this community.

“At a recent meeting of those individuals presently on the waiting list it was agreed that if we are to ever achieve our goal then we must try to secure a plot that can be readily turned over to meet our developing community requirement.”

If any private individual should have a piece of land suitable for use as allotments, Mr Watson would be delighted to hear from them on 01241 853592.

Carnoustie councillor Peter Murphy has agreed to do what he can to help those on the waiting list achieve their dream of becoming plotholders.

He told the Guide & Gazette: “The allotments in Carnoustie came about after Peter Burke, president of Carnoustie Business Association, brought the matter to me when I was a councillor for Carnoustie Central which was six or seven years ago now. The council then identified Berryfield as suitable and it came into operation there three or four years ago.

“It has been very successful. The Allotment Association has a very good committee and they are well organised. They also got extra help from the council in terms of access gates and developing the area for people who are handicapped or disabled. It has all been plus, plus, plus.

“We have been the victim of our own success.”

He went on: “It is very difficult to know of any other land which might be available for the same purpose. If such land is available I will happily take the matter on board and take it through the channels. The first thing I will do is access the help of the neighbourhood services department in Forfar and we will see if there is any land that can be identified to be used for the same purpose.”

Councillor Brian Boyd also pledged his support for the provision of additional allotment ground.

He told the Guide & Gazette: “Thanks to Neil Watson and the Guide & Gazette for highlighting the problems of lack of allotments within the Carnoustie area.

 “I have now briefly spoken with Neil and have agreed to attend their meeting at the Station Hotel on Thursday so we can try and formulate a way forward.

 “I have also spoken with the council about this and plan to relay the comments of this meeting back to officials with the view of trying to sort out more space for allotments within the town.”

 Councillor Boyd concluded: “It seems that the council is happy to assist with getting more space if the demand is there which seems to be the case if we have a list of over 30 already waiting.”