Discovery’s masts - and prices - come down

RRS Discovery in Dundee.
RRS Discovery in Dundee.

Restoration work begins on Tuesday (tomorrow) on RRS Discovery, Captain Robert Falcon Scott’s famous expedition ship.

And as the masts and rigging come down for repair this month, so do admission prices for visitors to Discovery Point.

Although the ship itself will be closed for the next three weeks, the award-winning visitor centre at Discovery Quay, Dundee remains open, with admission prices cut by 50 per cent during that time.

Admission includes entry to the RRS Discovery exhibition, which tells the story of the building of the ship in Dundee through to Captain Scott and his crew’s gruelling expedition to the Antarctic.

The stories are told through hands-on interactive and computer-based displays, an audio-visual show and artefacts from the ship.

RRS Discovery’s repair programme is expected to last nine months.

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise £40,000 towards the cost of the work, which will total £350,000.

Donors to the crowdfunding campaign, which runs throughout November, will receive a range of rewards, depending on the size of their donation.

Paul Jennings, executive director for Dundee Heritage Trust, said: “As a five-star attraction, Discovery Point is one of Dundee’s key places to visit and hugely popular with both locals and tourists.

“That’s why we will continue to keep our doors open at Discovery Point while the rigging work is underway. Visitors will not only enjoy 50 per cent off admission to the exhibition, they will see history in the making. The last time the Discovery’s masts came down was when she came into dock in Dundee in 1992.”

The public can make donations here: