‘I’m almost speechless’ - Mum’s reaction to new home deal

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A Carnoustie mother has been given an early Christmas present after receiving news that a house is being tailored to meet the requirements of her young son’s additional needs.

Four-year-old Blake McMillan suffers from MECP2 Duplication Syndrome which has left the youngster with a host of developmental, medical and additional needs and means he requires constant care.

Now it has been revealed that Angus lottery-winner and businesswoman Gillian Bayford has stepped in to help the family find a home more suited to their situation.

The house in question is an open plan property on Carnoustie High Street which will better suit their needs than their current home in Muirdrum. Blake’s mother Jenny explained how the situation came about: “This house came on the market that was perfect for Blake, but I wasn’t in a position to get a mortgage, so I approached Gillian to ask that she buy the house and I rent it from her. That was a massive thing for us in itself.”

The home has been purchased by Ms Bayford’s company, A&G Properties, and the rent the McMillans pay will be donated to research into MECP2 along with a matched donation from Gillian.

In addition the home will require some work done to it to meet Blake’s requirements, and although a local authority will normally pay for this in a council home, they cannot fully fund it in a privately owned home, and Gillian will pick up the tab for any extra work needed.

The main work will involve developing the garage and attached utility room into a bedroom and wetroom for Blake, as well as adding a tracking system to the ceiling. The house already has disabled access but the driveway could be paved to make it easier to navigate. The work should not be too disruptive for the family and they should be able to move in when they get the keys in January.

Jenny said: “It will be easier to look after Blake in that house even without the adaptations. It’s a better environment for him. I’m almost speechless at what Gillian’s done. She has gone above and beyond what I had hoped for, which was a good house to live in with Blake. What she’s done is completely amazing. I don’t know how we’ll ever be able to thank her.”

Gillian Bayford is pleased that the money from the rent on the property plus a donation from herself will be ploughed back into finding a cure for MECP2 Duplication syndrome.

She explained: “As I have said before, I donate to quite a lot of children’s charities.

‘‘It’s good it’s somebody local. Jenny and I are both Carnoustie girls and it’s good I can keep it in the town.

“Jenny is quite a proud person and she was adamant that she was going to pay rent, so that - along with a donation - will go towards research.”