Information for teens

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A NEW website has been launched to cater to the needs of young carers in Angus.

The website for Angus Young Carers was launched earlier this week after over a year of consultation with young carers in the area, and four months of development by local company Zoomba Media.

The site, aimed at providing information and support for carers aged eight to 18, is a gateway for carer-orientated events run by Arbroath Angus Carers Centre.

Deputy manager Mhairi Blyth told us: “Young carers in Angus are often very isolated, so we wanted this site to become a bit of a community for them.

“We did have a very basic website before, but it was very rarely updated.

“We wanted to provide information for young carers, and we hope that they can use this to access our services, or for new carers to find out how to contact us.

“We also hope that carers already registered with us can use it to stay in touch.”

Mhairi was especially pleased with an electronic referral form for carer status, she said: “Before it was quite a long written application, but now we have incorporated a referral page into the website which makes the whole process so much easier.”

Mhairi added: “Local company Zoomba Media did all the work free of charge and we are really pleased with it.

“The designers have done a great job and we hope that this site will really raise the awareness of the situation of young carers in Angus and their needs.”

To view the site go to