Special show at Monikie Hall

John McNicholl will be appearing at Monikie Hall this month
John McNicholl will be appearing at Monikie Hall this month

John McNicholl has come a long way since taking part in school plays and concerts in small village of Foreglen in Londonderry in the North 
of Ireland.

In his early teenage years John grew up listening to great country artists from both America and Ireland some of his favourites include country stars such as Vince Gill, Dolly Parton, George Jones, Keith Urban and Leanne Womack and as a teenager he would go to hear all the big country stars at the Castle Ballroom 
in Dungiven.

John joined Performing Arts at The Playhouse Theatre in Londonderry and he was in various musicals and he is a bit of a dancer.

On leaving school John started training as a chef but the draw of music and his hunger to get on the road and perform some of his most dearly loved country songs was too great.

John started performing at local dances with his band and in his first year in 2001 was the proud recipient of the ‘Best Newcomer’ award from Country Music UK, and he also received ‘Best Presented Male’ in that same year. John has won many accolades since and appreciates the recognition.

Among other great highlights of John’s singing career to date include playing support to the legendary Sir Elton John at his Killarney concert and sharing the stage with Cliff Richard and Daniel O’Donnell. John also appears in some of Nashville’s well known country venues on his annual tours there with his army of many devoted fans. John continues to appear on various television shows throughout Ireland-including Ireland AM, The John Daly Show, The Daniel O’Donnell Show and many other live shows.

John has recorded six albums and he has four DVDs. Over the years John has moved from model, actor, singer and songwriter to TV presenter appearing alongside Sandy Kelly on Ireland’s Celtic Note on Sky Showcase 191.

He has won many accolades over the years including the Irish World Awards plus he has represented Ireland at the CMA Global Showcase in Nashville. John has appeared at Wembley and he is invited to many festivals throughout the year appearing in Spain Portugal etc. John is also a regular artist on the annual Irish Caribbean Cruise every February and he also attends various other festivals in Ireland, UK, Spain and Portugal and he has also performed in Sidney Australia. John’s albums and DVD’s are always very popular and his ‘Someone Like You’ album features duets with Daniel O’Donnell, Margo and Louise Morrissey and this highlights his popularity with other Irish artists.

John appears every week on the various Country Shows on Sky Channel 191. John is appearing at the Monikie Hall, Monikie on Friday 23rd May and it starts at 8 p.m. Telephone 01382 350250 or email: margocroal@yahoo.co.uk to book your seats. Tickets to be paid at the door. 
Check out John on YouTube 
and John’s website