The Numberjacks are on their way!

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LOOK out! TV favourite Numberjacks are coming to The Webster Memorial Theatre in Arbroath for two performances only on Wednesday, October 12.

Regulars on BBC’s Cbeebies, the award winning Numberjacks are embarking on their first live adventure and national tour.

Numberjacks’ creator Chris Ellis noted his delight at the translation from TV to stage, and the creation of new video sequences to go with the live action. “We got an excellent cast, a fantastic set, it’s very dynamically directed, full of activity and fun. It’s a great theatrical experience for children,” he said.

He shared how he felt the UK wide tour had been progressing since it opened in September: “We’ve had an excellent response from parents and children. It’s quite a challenge to keep young children engaged and concentrating, especially since some of them are as young as two, but we certainly seem to be doing it.”

Ellis, from Open Mind Productions, the creative force behind the production, noted that while the stage adaptation had all the fun, excitement and adventure from the TV show, it also kept kids learning. “We use engaging and lovable characters, the Numberjacks, add a few thrills with the Meanies, include lots of slapstick, comedy, music, song and above all joining in, and the end result is great fun – and helps kids to enjoy and learn maths too”.

Ellis who used to write programmes like Grange Hill worked as an English and drama teacher for 10 years, where he started writing shows for children, before getting into television as a director and writer. His latest venture, the Numberjacks TV series won the Royal Television Society Award for Best Pre-school Educational Programme two years in a row, acting as a building block for young children to learn about numbers, shapes and sizes in a fun and exciting way.

The national tour of Numberjacks live on stage pulls into Arbroath for two special performances at 11 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. on Wednesday, October 12.