Water clarity hampers anglers at Kingennie


THE FISHING this week at Kingennie has been fairly tricky with water clarity on all ponds very good.

The boathouse anglers have been frustrated by fish following flies for the whole of a retrieve and then turning away at the last moment.

Lures and intermediate lines have taken most of the fish but a few rods have had good returns with big dries like foam daddies and the daddy hog.

Fish on the boathouse have been averaging 5lbs, with the biggest fish a rainbow of just over 8lbs.

Ronnie Masson was the lucky angler who managed to land the fish despite breaking the tip of his rod during the fight.

The Burnside pool has been just as tricky. With water clarity very good anglers have had to scale down on leader strength and fly size. Floating lines have been the line to use with the fish cruising just under the surface. Flies that have done well this week have been small buzzers various cdc patterns and mini hot head damsels.

The backside has had a fairly mixed week with the fish switching from sipping on small naturals to chasing and bashing into fry patterns.

Floating lines are still the line of choice with the fish not to far below the surface, again with the clear water there has been a need to scale down on the strength of leader.

The Woodside pool anglers have been faced with the same difficulties as the fly anglers with the water clarity being very good. Anglers have needed to use much lighter line than normal which has resulted in a few lost fish.

Baits that have worked well on Woodside have been worms and powerbait. The killer fly of the week has been the orange nomad.

Carlogie Dam

VISITORS to Carlogie Dam last week included Jim Tait, Forfar, who caught 11 and kept five weighing 10lbs on a green pea lure.

A. MacPherson, Dundee, caught seven and kept two weighing 4lbs 12ozs on bloodworm and buzzer. J. Strachan, Wellbank, caught and kept five weighing 9lbs 12ozs on a yellow dancer.

Gordon Skelton, Arbroath, caught three and kept two weighing 5lbs on lures, C. MacPherson, Arbroath, caught and kept five weighing 24lbs which included a rainbow weighing 16lbs on a hares lug, Jock Ewing, Aberdeen, caught 12 and kept five weighing 11lbs on a w.s.w.

Dave Wood, Aberdeen, caught 13 and kept five weighing 28lbs 4ozs on a w.s.w. His best was a rainbow weighing 9lbs 8ozs and another was 9lbs 4ozs.

Jim McGuire, Aberdeen, caught six and kept five weighing 19lbs caught on a w.s.w. His best was a rainbow weighing 6lbs 8ozs. Another Aberdonian, Walt Senior, caught nine and kept five weighing 25lbs on a w.s.w. His best a rainbow weighed 9lbs 8ozs. J. Donachie, Dundee, caught eight and kept three weighing 7lbs 4ozs on buzzers.

Kevin Cockburn, Leslie, caught seven and kept two weighing 4lbs 10ozs on buzzers. Larry Morrison, Kirriemuir, caught three and kept two weighing 4lbs on buzzers.

On catch and release were B. Thompson, Arbroath, who C & R 13 on buzzers; Dave Simpson, Forfar, C & R nine on lures; D. Marr, Brechin, C & R eight on buzzers; and George Woods, Montrose, C & R 12 on dries and buzzers.