10,000 free dog poo bags offered by local vet

MR JIM Wallace, of Wallace Veterinary Centre, has offered 10,000 dog poo bags to the residents of Carnoustie.

This pledge was made at Thursday’s meeting of Carnoustie Community Council by Mr Wallace, who attended with other members of Carnoustie Canine Capers.

Recognising that people are heartily sick of the sight of dog poo when out on Carnoustie streets or down by the beach, Fiona Cairnie told community councillors of the aims of Canine Capers.

She said that all their suggestions would be shared with relevant organisations, such as the dog wardens, community council, crime prevention panel and the Golf Links Management Committee.

The intention is to hold a meeting with many of these groups and elected members, to get agreement on an organisation-based approach to the way forward.

A public meeting would be arranged at which the dog warden would talk about the law along with a member of Tayside Police, Mr Wallace and a medical expert to educate people about the dangers of zoonoses.

The public would be better educated about how to report fouling, for example reporting car numbers to the dog warden or taking photos to use as evidence.

Heather Fraser presented suggestions already put forward by the public which could be helpful.

For example, members of the public or other dog owners politely offering poo bags when they see an offender.

It was also suggested that offenders could be ‘named and shamed’.

For general dog discipline, more dog ties could be placed outside shops. This idea is to be taken to the Business Association by Melanie Coleman.

In the medium term, there could be planned target days on which community wardens with their on-the-spot fines, the dog wardens and community police and/or the crime prevention panel get together to catch the irresponsible owners.

It was also suggested that rewards could be offered for reporting offenders where there is a successful prosecution.

Areas of public parks could be made dog free zones

And suggestions for the longer term include better street lighting at the seafront and more dog/litter bins.

There could also be dog waste stations or even a dedicated dog park.

Heather concluded by saying that further suggestions could be e-mailed to carnoustiecaninecapers@gmail.com