£20,000 target for local charities

Some of the local businesses who took part in the launch of the Peel 2 Save project in Coast on Friday evening.
Some of the local businesses who took part in the launch of the Peel 2 Save project in Coast on Friday evening.

A YOUNG Arbroath mother is doing her bit for local charities and community groups with a voucher scheme imported from the US.

The Peel 2 Save voucher is a credit-card sized booklet of offers from many Arbroath businesses and is the brainchild of Julie Harper (36).

Julie first spotted the scheme when living and working as a hairdresser in Dallas, Texas, and noted just how popular it was in schools.

She moved back to Arbroath two years ago, but in June Peel 2 Save expanded into the UK and Julie had the opportunity to get involved.

Julie said: “This is a good thing for Arbroath, as it supports local charities and businesses. Our goal is to raise £20,000 for charity over the next year.

“With some voucher schemes not all the offers are used because they are not for local businesses, Peel 2 Save is much more local and effective.

“I’ve only had the cards about two weeks. We’re just trying to get the word out at the moment.”

The scheme was launched on Friday night at Coast Nightclub with representatives of many of the businesses turning out to show their support for the scheme, and already Arbroath Football Club and Inverbrothock Primary School have taken consignments of the cards.

In essence, the Peel 2 Save scheme contains 64 offers from 25 Arbroath businesses, which amount to around £300 of savings, and can be purchased from many local non-profit groups, such as football clubs and schools.

The card costs £10, £5 goes to Julie to cover printing costs while the remainder is kept by the group or club.

Councillor David Fairweather said: “It’s one of the most efficient and effective ways for charities, schools, clubs and other non-profit organisations to raise much needed money.

“It’s a total community effort supporting local businesses and local charities, and the consumer wins too!”

Businesses taking part are: Coast Nightclub, Wetherspoons, Ogstons Hotel, Saffron, Smithies Delicatessen, The Pende Cafe, Caffe Barrista, Ferriers, Sara-Lou, Zeb, Angus Bike Chain, The Cold Room, Sandton Hair, Kwik Fit, Angus Pictures, Spice of Life, Warehouse Gym, Curry Express, Jumping Joey’s, Arkive, The Pound Store, Sheryl’s Beauty, Perts, The Old Brewhouse and Vegas City.