50 golden years of dance

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Last Friday night was the 50th anniversary of the Elaine Masson’s Stagecraft School of Dancing.

Directed by Elaine Masson and her daughter Jane Barraclough the show involved dancers from three – 50-plus years of age.

Class 1 and 2 delighted the audience opening the show in their tutus. They continued through the evening, showing off their new found skills in modern routines to the enjoyment of family and friends.

Class 3 began their selection with a tap routine. They enjoyed all their programme of dances smiling out to the audience as they performed their ballet, cheerleader or cakewalk.

Juniors performed with increasing confidence in ballet, modern and tap routines as well as their own contribution to the show ‘Shake It Off’.

The Tap Only Class is a very mixed age group but they worked well together. From young to those not so young they tapped their hearts away contributing their own style in ‘Don’t Blame Us’, ‘The Vampettes’ and ‘Poker Girls’.

The senior class excelled in a variety of dance, their ballet to the tranquil music of ‘Claire du Lune’ and taking up the beat to their own dance ‘Beyontime’!

Various tempos of dance were added by the Pointe class, ‘The Beat’, a fast dance well executed by the eight on stage, to be followed by two softer routines in ‘Paulo’ and ‘Charshafla’, a dance ‘with sheet’.

As the second half programme continued towards the finale we were transported through the five decades of Stagecraft, in music and dance with Class 1 and 2 60’s, Tap Only 70’s, Class 3 80’s, Juniors 90’s and Seniors 00’s.

This all lead up to Mrs Masson’s grand finale of 50 Golden Years. Every class donning either a gold sequined skirt, waist coat, tunic or sash danced their ‘socks off’ in ‘We are Golden’, ‘Gold Finger’, ‘Gold’ and ‘Golden Years’. Totally spectacular!

Familiar steps and styles of dance used and appreciated by former pupils in the audience. This was the culmination of 50 years hard work providing the young folk of Arbroath with years of enjoyment through dance, thanks to Elaine Masson.

The show ended in the usual Stagecraft manner, everyone taking their final curtsey or bow and applause of the evening to the rendition of ‘There’s no business like show business’. There was huge applause as Mrs Masson was welcomed on stage to receive flowers and gifts, as well as Jane and other helpers in classes.

Another highlight of the evening was a surprise just before the interval when former pupils ‘hijacked’ the show. Through social media they had arranged a tribute to Mrs Masson who was lead onto the stage. The Masson and Bowie girls began the arm and feet position exercises familiar to anyone who had attended classes. Through the audience former pupils made their way to the stage and joined in till the stage was bursting. An after show get together followed in the assembly hall so those who had travelled distances where able to thank and congratulate Mrs Masson on her achievement. A great show, a great night and a great lady.

Class 1 and 2: Sydney Buist, Evie Burnett, Isla Burnett, Kaylee Dundas, Ava Gowans, Robin Gowans, Pippa Lang, Willow McBay, Kirsten Smith, Sarah Taylor and Lillias White.

Class 3: Arron Cargill, Georgia Cormack, Jorja Dall, Olivia Kelly, Piper Rose McBay, Emily Newlands and Evan Watson.

Juniors: Karrigan Bruce, Harriet Ford, Yasmin Scott and Sarah Smart.

Seniors: Jodi Barraclough, Hannah Christie, Chelsea Craik, Megan Davies, Rebecca Gerrie, Imogen Holden, Amy Hood, Charlotte James, Abbie Lawson, Holly McNee and Chloe Soutar.

Pointe Class: Jodi Barraclough, Hannah Christie, Harriet Ford, Imogen Holden, Amy Hood, Charlotte James, Abbie Lawson and Chloe Soutar.

Tap Only: Annetta Anderson, Karrigan Bruce, Sydney Buist, Jorja Dall, Amanda Finnie, Charlotte James, Abbie Lawson, Glenda Masson, Piper Rose McBay, Charis McConnell, Jade McKenzie, Shauna McLeod, Amy O’Connor, Katy O’Connor, Leona Jade Simmers, Sarah Smart, Chloe Soutar, Fey Taylor and Libby Thomson.

Dance Director and Choreographer – Elaine Masson and Jane Barraclough.

Other dance credits – Elaine Speirs, Doris Bowie, Jodi Barraclough, Jade McKenzie, Glenda Masson, Abbie Lawson, Chloe Soutar, Charlotte James, Tap only, Junior and Senior classes.