999 Hoax Calls in Angus

Police Scotland
Police Scotland

Police Scotland is reminding people to use the 999 system appropriately after a number of hoax calls were received from a phone boxes in Angus.

Reckless or irresponsible use of 999 can stop others getting through and that could result in a loss of life.

The vast majority of calls we receive are legitimate, whether for emergency or non urgent matters, although we will receive the occasional inappropriate call, whether it be unintentional, misguided, or malicious.

Staff are trained and experienced to deal with any call they receive in a professional, respectful and appropriate manner.

We would ask the public to use both 999 emergency and 101 non-emergency service wisely and consider whether their call is necessary, as it is vital that genuine calls get through.

PC Julie Christison said: “Every false or inappropriate 999 call to Police Scotland takes up precious time and prevents someone who really needs our immediate help from getting through to us.

“I would always encourage people to use 999 in a genuine emergency and never put themselves at risk, and for those people who do not have an emergency, please use our single non-emergency number, 101, and keep the 999 line free for someone in urgent need.”