A door to another world?

The Fairy Door at Ethie Woods
The Fairy Door at Ethie Woods

If you go down to the woods this weekend, you’re sure of a big surprise. No, it’s not teddy bears having a picnic, but something equally fairytale.

The Arbroath Herald was alerted by reader Kristi Tapley to a rather strange occurrence in Ethie Woods which has caused a bit of a stir on social media.

Last Sunday while walking with her son Caleb and two dogs, Diego and Riley, Kristi came across a ‘Fairy Door’ set into the bole of a tree. She took a picture of it and uploaded to Facebook and Instagram, and in doing so has attracted more than a few people to Ethie Woods to see for themselves.

Kristi takes up the story: “This lead to a lot of people visiting the door to give it a wee knock and have their photo taken with it. It has also been put on the ‘Strange Places in Scotland’ Facebook page where it has also been very popular, and attracted people from all over.

“I love the fact that someone has gone to the effort to do this and love that it has made the people of Angus go out to explore these beautiful woods.”

Fairy Doors are whimsical handcrafted creations that have gained popularity in recent years as an artistic addition to the natural landscape. People often add them to trees in their gardens as a decoration for young children, but this is less often the case in a public wood like Ethie. This begs the question of who has done it...

Have you been out to Ethie Woods to see the Fairy Door? Have you seen any more in and around Angus?