A Haven for good causes

The Haven community charity shop in Carnoustie.
The Haven community charity shop in Carnoustie.

Giving back to the community has been described as a “phenomenal feeling” as the folk at Carnoustie Haven gear up for their annual presentation night.

Tonight (Friday) an as yet undisclosed, but significant, sum will be presented to an incredibly diverse range of good and worthy causes in the town.

Babs Hodgens, who manages the community charity shop alongside husband Dave and a legion of volunteers and trustees, is excited and nervous about the presentation in the Royal British Legion.

Babs told the Gazette: “It’s just a phenomenal feeling giving all that money away, back to the people who need it.

“It has been pretty busy, but it always is. They all know where the money is going, don’t they?

“We want to thank everyone, all the customers for their support and anyone who has donated stuff for the shop.

“Thanks to the volunteers as well, they’re great, we’ve absolutely got a good team.

“It has been hectic trying to organise all this, but we got there.

“I’d like to thank Alan Ferguson for writing all the big cheques, it’s back breaking work.

“We work hard all the year and this is the icing on the cake, giving all the money back to the community.”

Each year the community charity shop on the High Street presents tens of thousands to local causes, and this year will likely be no exception.

Babs said: “There are a few groups that we’ve supported because we felt that they benefit everyone, they improve the whole town really.”

There is also a special presentation being made in honour of the late Olive Duncan, well-known florist and Carnoustie Citizen of the Year.

Babs said: “I loved Olive, everyone did, she was the community and her husband Stewart picked the charity. I’m quite proud to do that for Olive.

“We are the community shop and she was the community, so it’s right and fitting we want to do a tribute.”