‘A leg for Greig’ campaign starts

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The family and friends of a Carnoustie man who lost his leg in a road accident have started fund-raising to get him a special prosthetic.

Father of two, Greig Yorke (39), was hit by a car in the early hours of June 2 by a car while walking along the A92, the resulting injuries forced doctors to remove the lower section of his left leg.

Although Greig will receive an NHS prosthetic he hopes to raise enough for a private one which will allow him to return to his more active ways.

He said: “Obviously I’m going to get an NHS prosthetic leg, but it doesn’t allow me to carry on with everything that I did before like cycling, snow boarding and I used to dance with my daughter Lily every night, lift her up, go on the trampoline with her, and getting on with my life basically.”

As a result he and his family have started a fund-raising campaign called ‘A leg for Greig’ and the first event is a sponsored ‘Wheelie Walk’.

On Sunday, September 1, at 12 noon, fund-raisers will gather at the Fife side of the Tay Bridge and make their way across on any wheeled conveyance, from wheelchair to bike, scooter to pram.

For more information contact Allison Yorke on 01241 410589.