Abbey ladies are on the verge

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The latest offering from the Abbey Theatre Club is a hilarious look at ladies at a certain age.

In ‘Women On The Verge Of HRT’ by Marie Jones, Vera and Anna, middle-aged pals from Belfast, have made a pilgrimage to Donegal, the home of their idol, heart throb singer Daniel O’Donnell, to hear his concert and soak up the atmosphere.

Their evening takes an unexpected turn with the arrival of the singing waiter Fergal, who livens up their evening.

Before long the friends find themselves in a series of dreamlike encounters on the shores of Donegal Bay.

The play contains music and plenty of humour, and has been described as a sort of ‘Middle-aged Women Behaving Badly.’ It explores the feistiness, honesty, sexuality and charm of

women facing the approach of their latter years.

It’s a must see for women

(and men) no matter

whether on the verge of middle-age or not.

The show runs at the

Abbey Theatre, Abbot Street, at 7.30pm, from August 14 to 22, excluding Sunday. Tickets are available from Monday, priced £7,

call 01241 872609.