Ambitious plans to make miniature railway bigger

Jill Kerr at Kerr's Minature Railway.
Jill Kerr at Kerr's Minature Railway.

THERE are plans to extend one of Arbroath’s oldest tourist attractions, Kerr’s Miniature Railway.

But the planning application has not yet been submitted, because indications from Angus Council contacts so far are that the plans would not be passed.

John Kerr (17), grandson of the founder in 1935, Matthew Kerr Snr, is hoping that his latest attempt to have dialogue with Angus Council’s planning department will give him the information he needs to submit a plan that would be acceptable.

He said: “Having been told that what we have in mind would not be passed, there would be no point in going ahead and applying for it. I’ve been trying for two months to get a meeting set up.”

John explained that under his plans the original track would remain, and there would be an extension towards the town, bringing the railway up to the revamped playpark. John grinned: “We’ll not be taking away people’s memories!”

A new station would be built, with platforms, a turntable and perhaps even a bridge. The old turntable at the other end, Hospitalfield Halt, would be reinstated, and with a loop on the line it would be possible to run two trains at the same time.

John added: “It would be possible to run a more structured service, with not quite a timetable but shorter waits between trains departing.”

The railway has opened for the Easter holidays and John and his mother, Jill, have been pleased by the response.

He is seeking to provide visual ‘joining-up’ of the railway and the rest of the facilities at the West Links, which would mean that fewer people would happen upon it by chance. The railway would start near the krazy golf.

As an experiment, John has run the miniature railway’s road vehicles between the play area and the railway, and this has proved very popular indeed.

As ever, the Kerr family is optimistic that things will turn out for the best.

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