Angus forges business links with EU’s newest member

A TRADE delegation from Croatia was recently given their very own ‘Taste of Angus’.

Delegates from the cities of Zadar and Sibnek recently visited the area to discuss trade opportunities as well as cultural and tourism exchanges, education collaboration and business links.

Provost of Angus Helen Oswald welcomed the delegation, which was led by the Mayor of Sibenik and the Deputy Mayor of Zadar and included representatives from a number of different industrial and food and drink sectors.

The delegates met with council and local business representatives at the Carnoustie Golf Hotel, where presentations were given on ‘A Taste of Angus’ the council’s food and drink initiative and Carnoustie Country golf.

Croatia becomes the 28th member of the European Union in 2013.

EU membership will allow Croatia to trade freely across member states and access support to develop key sectors of the economy.