Angus Hep C sufferer spat saliva into officer’s mouth

Dundee Sheriff Court
Dundee Sheriff Court

A Hepatitis C sufferer spat infected saliva into the mouth of a police officer just months after being freed early from jail over a savage bite attack on another officer.

Steven Dunn has been handed a new prison term of more than three years over the latest attack, carried out while he was still on licence for the first attack.

Dunn was given 18 months in prison last November for attacking a police officer while on legal highs in Montrose’s busy High Street, spitting blood, chewing through a leg restraint and biting the cop on the shin, leaving him with a horror bite mark.

The latest incident occurred just three months after Dunn got out of prison for that offence.

On August 9 last year, Dunn attacked two of his friends - punching Stacey Pirie and Roman Patocki before being thrown out of his own house by his girlfriend.

Police attended and found Dunn unstable on his feet in the close of the building.

Fiscal depute Eilidh Robertson told Dundee Sheriff Court Dunn was arrested and handcuffed - and immediately tried to headbutt an officer and kicking him as he was put in a van.

She said: “The accused was taken to Arbroath Police Office.

“Upon arrival, the charge bar Sergeant, Shaun McQuade, asked the accused a number of standard welfare questions.

“The accused was aggressive and disruptive towards Sergeant McQuade, and upon being asked whether he had any transmissible diseases he spat forcibly towards Sergeant McQuade.

“The charge bar procedure was then aborted as the accused began to violently struggle with Sergeant McQuade and Constables Johnston and MacDonald.

“The accused repeatedly spat towards them, attempted to bite them, attempted to kick them and lashed out with his arms and legs.

“Some of the accused’s spit landed directly in Constable MacDonald’s mouth and Constable Johnston chipped a tooth during the violent struggle.”

Miss Robertson said tests quickly revealed the officer had not contracted Hep C as a result of the attack.

Dunn (40), a prisoner at HMP Perth, pleaded guilty on indictment to assaulting two people in Montrose’s North Street on August 10.

He further admitted assaulting a police officer there and assaulting officers at Arbroath Police Office.

Defence solicitor John Boyle said: “These offences are appalling and there is very little that can be said to mitigate them.

“He has no recollection at all of these incidents.

“His position is he had forgotten he had Hepatitis C.

“That may seem ridiculous but given the amount he drinks there may be some truth to it.”

Sheriff Alastair Brown imposed a jail term of three years and two months on Dunn.

He said: “These are certainly very serious offences.”