Angus refugee solidarity group find storage

Local Girlguides, Brownies and Rainbows organised a collection for the refugees at Scott Jubilee Hall
Local Girlguides, Brownies and Rainbows organised a collection for the refugees at Scott Jubilee Hall

Angus Solidarity for Refugees, the new organisation taking on the job of gathering supplies to send to refugees, have found an enormous storage facility in Arbroath.

The group had been struggling to find somewhere to store all the donations they have been given by generous Angus folk.

Teresa Spark, who is spearheading the Montrose efforts said: “It’s a huge base with 10 rooms, we can sort items from all over Angus into different areas now plus there is space for our meetings and even fundraising events in the future.

‘“The building which lies on Strathairlie Avenue in Arbroath, just around the corner from Pie Bobs, is large enough for all the Angus storage but more volunteers are needed to help sort and pack the supplies ready for shipping to Europe.”

September 19 saw the Arbroath group put on a charity art silent auction raising funds for the Syrian Crisis and they managed to raise an amazing £2,000.

The whole of Angus is getting involved and none more so than the Brownies and Guides of Angus.

The 1st Ferryden Brownies were making posters and writing to the Prime Minister with their thoughts about the refugees and asking for donations from around the local community.

One of the letters from a Brownie said: “I am writing to you because my Brownies are talking about the Syria refugees.

‘‘We decided we are going to do a collection of supplies to help them. We are drawing posters and asking friends and family to help us.

‘‘We hope everybody in Britain and you Mr Prime Minister can help the refuges. Please ask your government and country to help these poor people. Some are children and may be Brownies like us.”

A huge collection of items was also made by the young Angus folk at the weekend. This included the Rainbows, Brownies and Guides who delivered the essential supplies on Saturday morning.

The latest information to arrive from the camps suggests that only waterproof jackets and fleeces, thick tights and new underwear should be donated but all other items on the extensive list of medical supplies, toiletries and food are still needed.

For more details contact Kelly Burnett on 07538 716472.