Angus road safety

Angus Council has been praised by local MSP Graeme Dey for leading the way in pedestrian crossing safety.

A UK-wide campaign led by the charity Living Streets is calling for an average of three more seconds of green man time in order to allow everyone to cross a road in comfort.

The Angus South MSP recently raised the issues highlighted by the Living Streets campaign with council chief executive Richard Stiff and was delighted to learn that the local authority is actively taking steps to cater for the needs of these potentially vulnerable pedestrians.

“I understand that in Angus every Puffin crossing and a majority of signalised junction crossings have a technology installed, which detects pedestrians as they make their way across the road,” said Mr Dey.

“As a result the length of time the green man stays on is adjusted appropriately to ensure they are not rushed.

“Angus Council is continuing to refurbish and upgrade all of its crossing facilities in order to incorporate this technology.

“That is to be welcomed as is a commitment from the council to look at extending the length of time afforded pedestrians at the crossing points which don’t yet have this technology, on a site by site basis.”