Another great win for High School FPs

Carnoustie fight hard for the ball as Chris Rankin waits to set up another attack.'Photo by Willie Coleman.
Carnoustie fight hard for the ball as Chris Rankin waits to set up another attack.'Photo by Willie Coleman.

Grangemouth 2nd XV 15, Carnoustie HSFP 36

Carnoustie travelled to Grangemouth, again with a much changed team, hoping to earn a bonus point win and retain their second place in the league.

The visitors set the game in motion and Grangemouth fielded and kicked, finding touch. The throw in wasn’t straight and at the subsequent scrum Carnoustie were penalised for offside.

On virtually the first occasion Carnoustie got good ball, Bruce Langlands kicked long upfield, and with the home full back out of position and allowing the ball to bounce, CRAIG ADDISON followed up to open the scoring, but with no conversion.

FPs fielded the restart putting the ball through the hands and kicking, but without finding touch and Grangemouth returned the kick which Carnoustie knocked on. From the subsequent scrum Grangemouth drove again and levelled the score.

Carnoustie kicked and chased but were then penalised for offside. Grangemouth tapped the penalty and played the ball through the hands before kicking and, after they won the line-out cleanly, ran the ball at pace to break the defensive line and touch down, but again with no conversion.

The Angus men put the restart kick out on the full and, from the scrum, Grangemouth again pressed forward, but the defence held. Carnoustie broke upfield, gaining a penalty which was missed. However, they gained heart from this and NATHAN BOWLES broke down the wing to touch down with CHRIS RANKIN converting.

The restart failed to travel 10 metres and Carnoustie ran the ball from the scrum, but knocked on. The homesters were unsettled, making four consecutive knock-ons before half-time was blown.

Half-time: Grangemouth 2nd XV 10, Carnoustie HSFP 12.

The homesters restarted with Carnoustie knocking on. The mistakes by both teams continued until FPs won a line-out cleanly and sent the ball wide at pace giving NATHAN BOWLES space to run down the wing to touch down for his second try, but again with no conversion.

Grangemouth were penalised for holding on the ground, and although the penalty kick was deep, it wasn’t to touch and the home players fielded cleanly at the 22. They ran the ball back and, with quick hands, sent their left winger clear to squeeze in at the corner, but with no conversion.

Grangemouth knocked on the restart and FPs drove from the scrum, but were held up and then they knocked on at a five-metre scrum. From a penalty tap, Grangemouth ran the ball, recycled and again ran the ball, but CRAIG ADDISON intercepted a pass to cruise to the line for his second try, with CHRIS RANKIN again adding full points.

In FPs’ next attack Craig Addison was penalised for a double movement in the act of scoring, but in the next move, from a scrum, the ball was sent wide to enable the veteran, GORDON SMART, to cross with the conversion added.

Carnoustie again pressed forward from the restart with Bruce Langlands cross kicking and NATHAN BOWLES, in acres of space, gathered to touch down, for his third try, but with no conversion.

Team: Swanson, Bowles, Addison, Van Niekirk, Smart, Langlands, C. Rankin, Scott, Ringsell, Hall, D. Rankine, Downie, Morton, Reid, Franco, Christie, Crowe.


Tomorrow (Saturday) Carnoustie are at home to Glenrothes 2nd XV with a 3 p.m. kick-off.

RBS Caledonia League

Division Three Midlands


Howe 6 6 0 0 6 0 30

Carn 6 5 1 0 6 0 26

C & S 6 5 1 0 4 1 25

Blair 6 4 2 0 4 0 20

Kirk 6 2 4 0 2 1 11

Fife S 6 2 4 0 2 1 11

Grange 6 2 4 0 2 0 10

Waid FP 6 2 4 0 2 0 10

B’burn 6 2 4 0 1 0 9

Glens 6 0 6 0 1 0 1