Answer for Brooke by June?

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CARNOUSTIE girl Brooke Ramsay has now met the man who could change her life.

Brooke (7), who suffers from a form of cerebral palsy which has left her with serious spasticity in her legs met with neurosurgeon Mr Kristian Aquilina on Friday.

Brooke and her parents, Stewart and Laura, travelled down to Frenchay Hospital in Bristol to be assessed by Mr Aquilina and the team of experts responsible for selective dorsal rhizotomy and aftercare.

Stewart said: “Brooke had her physio assessment at 9 a.m. on Friday morning and did very well.

“He stressed that the decision on Brooke’s suitability was for the team, not just him. He reiterated that Brooke’s level of the condition is in line with others he has operated on and he is very hopeful that the team will agree. They have to agree that SDR, instead of another orthopaedic surgery, is the way forward.”

The family hope to receive word on a decision by the end of the month.

According to Mr Aquilina Brooke is perfectly placed to receive treatment. He said: “Children over four years of age, with a diagnosis of spastic diplegia following premature birth, should be considered for SDR. Children with typical spastic diplegia, whether born prematurely or at term, should also be considered. These children tend to have delayed motor development, and spasticity interferes with their progress.”

Last year Frenchay Hospital became the first NHS hospital to offer a pioneering form of SDR which concentrated on the lower part of the spine, increasing effectiveness and reducing risk. Mr Aquilina carried out the first procedure early last May. He said: “We have set up a multi-disciplinary team at Frenchay Hospital to evaluate and select children for SDR. This team consists of paediatric physiotherapists with special expertise in cerebral palsy, a paediatric neurosurgeon, a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon and a paediatric neurologist.”