Appolinari Dancers’ annual show provides a memorable evening

The Appolinari dancers in the Webster Theatre on Wednesday evening at their rehersal befor their next show at the weekend.
The Appolinari dancers in the Webster Theatre on Wednesday evening at their rehersal befor their next show at the weekend.

PUPILS of the Appolinari Dance Studio excelled in their ‘Evening of Dance’ at the Webster Memorial Theatre last Friday.

Under their dance director Edwina Barraclough, they had been well prepared from their first glissades in the younger classes to the more intricate assemblies and sissonnes of the senior pupils.

A capacity audience was treated to a well organised and fast moving show which displayed the various styles of dance taught and credit must go to Edwina, her pupils and her backstage assistants for ensuring that the show ran like clockwork from start to finish.

Class 5 Wednesday opened the show with ‘Boogie Wonderland’. This was an excellent introduction to what would prove to be a memorable evening.

Their next piece, ‘California King Bed’ was well choreographed by Lisa and Remy and the girls danced it to perfection.

This class then changed the mood completely in ‘Lost’ – a beautiful modern ballet producing fluid lines before ‘Memories of Another Summer’ showcased Beth and Ellice at their best. This haunting melody was especially memorable as was the choreographic interpretation.

‘Conga’ had Class 5 Wednesday filling the stage with sparkling costumes in a very lively Latin number.

A serene classical ‘Ballet Blanc’ which included Beth, Devon, Ellice, Kirsty, Lisa, Remy and Sarah resplendent in romantic ballet dresses was both well presented by the girls and well received by the audience.

The mood then changed dramatically with an energetic hip hop number, ‘Love the Way You Lie’ which was cleverly choreographed by Sarah and Stevie. Then a slick tap dance to Alexandra Burke’s ‘Broken Heels’ followed.

Beth, Danielle, Devon and Jaymie performed their own innovative choreography in ‘The Musicals’ in which they danced well together with perfect timing.

The adult class opened the second half of the show with a lively ‘Beat Me Daddy Eight to the Bar’ which was very well executed with enthusiasm and with excellent timing.

Class 2 commenced their part in the show with their well presented ‘Suite de Ballet’ in which Kara and Rebecca danced a charming pas de deux with confidence.

‘Bad Boys’ which was a lively hip hop performed by the girls was choreographed by Beth Callon the their cute ‘Doll Shop’ was nicely danced and enhanced by their beautiful costumes and wigs.

‘Everybody Loves Bananas’ was then a happy and lively interpretation of Jamaican music.

Class 3 then took to the stage in ‘Carioca’ which was well executed to a Latin rhythm.Their tap dance ‘Puttin’ on the Ritz’ was particularly well danced and nicely costumed.

Emily, Kezia and Milly were then the ‘Sugar Plum Fairies’ and this piece was very entertaining with these young dancers exhibiting excellent balletic ability and comedic timing for ones so young.

Class 3’s ‘Suite de Ballet’ showed good footwork and Finnleigh and Kayla danced a pretty pas de deux. ‘I Got Nerve’ was an exciting hip hop dance which was again ably choreographed by Beth Callon.

Class 4 opened with a dramatic ‘Walk Like an Egyptian’ wearing beautiful Egyptian costumes and wigs. Their ‘Suite de Ballet’ produced precision as did the pas de six performed by Baillie, Caitlin, Cara, Emily, Rachael and Rachel.

‘42nd Street’ was their well danced tap contribution. The audience was next transported to Spain with the driving beat of ‘El Porompompero’ and then on to Africa with Beth Callon’s exuberant ‘Wacka Wacka’.

Class 1 costumed in their colourful tutus showed us their first steps in their ‘Suite de Ballet’ and Ella, Erin, Eve, Kacey, Libby Jo and Poppy danced a very sweet pas de six.

All joined in ‘April Showers’ which saw the stage filled with colourful umbrellas. ‘Baby Face’ produced some unintentionally comic moments and was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience.

Their last piece ‘Best of Both Worlds’ was choreographed by Beth Callon and saw the tiny tots not only dancing but sometimes singing!

Class 5 Saturday made a lively entrance in ‘Fat Sam’s Grand Slam’. This was an infectious 1920’s style dance and the pupils appeared to be particularly at ease and thoroughly enjoying themselves throughout.

Their ‘Waltz from the Jazz Suite’ was sensitively danced and the choreography was particularly pleasing. They danced well both in their tap selection ‘Bad Moon Rising’ and in Beth Callon’s well choreographed hip hop piece ‘Work’.

The last dance arrived all too quickly. It was performed by all of the pupils except Class 1 who had a walk on at the end of the number.

‘Raindance’ paid homage to the Native Americans and was danced to their traditional music. All of the pupils were attractively attired in Native American costume.

The lighting was impressive and featured flames rising from a large bonfire and a back projection of the moon.This coupled with the driving beat of the music which included wolf cries produced an eerie quality which resulted in a fantastic finale.

This last number brought another excellent evening of dance to a close for the pupils of the Appolinari Dance Studio. One of which they should be justifiably very proud.


Programmes – Jo and Sarah Dalziel; first aid - Tracey Easson and Isobel Wilson; dressing room helpers - Lucy Cuthbert, Shona Kemp, Nicole Robertson, Stephanie Ruxton, Rachel Stewart, Violet Thomson, Vikki Watson, Anna Webster, Beth Wells, Cheryl Willis and Pauline Willis; side stage- Norma Cargill, Jennifer Spiers and Jane Stewart; lighting - A M Lighting; sound and recording - Alex Cargill and stage manager – Bob Barraclough.


Class one, assisted by Remy Beattie and Beth Callon - Kacey Baillie, Ruby Burton, Libby Coull,Poppy Donachie, Isla Fosbury, Libby Jo Geddes, Summer Geddes, Niamh Hammond, Lucy Harley, Sophia Herald, Jessica Herald, Ava Holmes, Amy Johnston, Rebecca Lyons, Erin McIntyre, Carly Menmuir, Ellie Mustard, Libby Neave, Ella Penman, Lia Pert, Ellie Quigley, Lewis Robb, Evie Scrimger, Eve Smith, Katie Stranock, Erin Stranock and Ellie Tindall.

Class two, assisted by Remy Beattie and Beth Callon - Brooke Broughton, Katelyn Clark, Kara Duthie, Rebecca Forrest, Hannah Gall, Shannon Gauld, Eilidh Hammond, Catie Mathieson, Hanna Macleod, Rebecca McWatt, Akeisha Mitllari, Ruby Wales, Rebecca Rainey, Maya Robb, Natalie Robertson, Olivia Strachan, Layla Stranock and Emma Whitton.

Class three, assisted by Beth Callon - Kezia Adam, Emily Biesok, Kayla Broughton, Hannah Coull, Milly Creswell, Daryl Geddes, Katelyn Hatton, Gemma Hill, Kerrin Lawless, Finnleigh McAinsh, Jennifer McFarlane, Nievh Reid, Eve Swan, Megan Swankie and Paige Watson.

Class four, assisted by Beth Callon - Amy Annandale, Emily Clark, Lauren Clark, Jade Duncan, Jenna Geddes, Georgia Gibson, Cameron Glen, Tanzy Hannigan, Phoebe Hill, Caitlin McFarlane, Rachael McFarlane, Rachael McWatt, Sarah Millar, Chantell Mitllari, Kaitlyn Parsley, Courtney Robb, Baillie Ross, Rachel Shepherd, Cara Spink and Lucia Strachan.

Class five Saturday, assisted by Beth Callon - Bronwen Barton, Ellie Callon, Iona Charters, Rosie Easson, Nicola Fairlie, Cerys Ferguson, Zoe Fleming, Amy Fleming, Gemma Fraser, Tegan Gray, Beth Hodgens, Kelsey McFarlane, Suzanne Millar, Katie Northorpe, Andie Watson , Ellen Wilson and Sam Wright.

Class five Wednesday - Devon Adam, Rebecca Annandale, Remy Beattie, Jaymie Bray, Beth Callon, Kimberly Cargill, Alanna Clark, Lisa Croall, Heather Easson, Stevie Falconer, Claire Farmer, Emma Finch, Kara Findlay, Beth Milne, Ruth Moor, Ellice Parsley, Danielle Phillips, Abbey Scott, Caitlin Spink, Sarah Spurway, Kirsty Stewart, Beth Wales and Fiona Wilson.

Adult class, assisted by Ellice Parsley - Rosalie Barton, Susan Bowie, Alison Cresswell, Colette Dear, Stephanie Donachie, Elaine Fosbury, Teresa Gall, Marian Gallagher, Gwen Geddes, Karen Greig, Debbie McDonald, Joanne Park, Eileen Robb, Lily Robb, Nicola Sargeant, Kath Spurway, Una Standbridge, Sonia Swankie, Beth Wells and Cheryl Willis.