Appolinari dancers excel at annual review

Pictured in the Webster Theatr on Wednesday evening are the Apolinari dancers at heir rehersal befor their weekend show.
Pictured in the Webster Theatr on Wednesday evening are the Apolinari dancers at heir rehersal befor their weekend show.

TALENT was amply in evidence at the Webster Memorial Theatre on Friday evening when the pupils of the Appolinari Dance Studio performed to a capacity audience during their annual ‘Evening of Dance’.

Class five Wednesday opened the show with ‘Dance with Me Tonight’, a tap dance which found the girls working closely together in complete harmony. The mood then changed for their next sequence, ‘Judas’, a lively Lady Gaga number excellently choreographed by Stevie Falconer and Sarah Spurway which the girls danced with great enthusiasm.

‘Material Girl’ brought together Devon Adam, Jaymie Bray, Beth Callon and Danielle Phillips who all danced confidently in their own well choreographed contribution. ‘Senorita’ was expertly danced by Ellice Parsley. Ellice excels ‘en pointe’ and this coupled with her beautiful interpretation of the dance combined to create the necessary ‘duende’ to carry out this classical Spanish ballet to a high degree of excellence.

She then combined with Devon Adam, Remy Beattie, Lisa Croall and Beth Milne in their classical ‘Ballet Blanc’. Later in the programme, the same five young ladies appeared in ‘Les Mademoiselles’ in which they displayed great strength and technique ‘en pointe’.

‘That Man!’ was amazing. Seven talented performers working flawlessly in unison with their seven pink chairs combined to produce one of the highlights of the evening. The girls’ ‘Rhythm of the Night’ was a vibrant number which they carried out with great enthusiasm and gusto. Satie’s ‘Gnosienne No. 3’ which was danced by Rebecca Annandale, Kimberly Cargill, Alanna Clark, Claire Farmer, Emma Finch, Kara Findlay, Caitlin Spink and Beth Wells, looked particularly lovely with the performers dressed in white leotards and long white circular skirts.

‘Wherever You Will Go’ saw class five Wednesday appear on stage in gossamer blue and white flowing costumes. The sequence had a serene quality which kept the audience in rapt silence during the entire performance. ‘Iris’ was well choreographed and well danced by Remy Beattie and Lisa Croall. Their timing was excellent and their choreography innovative.

‘Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy’ was danced to a high standard with the girls appearing on stage in appropriate military style costumes.

Class one looked so sweet in their opening ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’ and later sang and danced with great enthusiasm in their sailor’s outfits in their ‘Yellow Submarine’ number which they enjoyed immensely! Later, their lovely colourful tu-tus adorned the stage when they performed their first ballet steps to an appreciative audience.

Beth Callon’s ‘Hip Hop’ number for class two was lively and their ‘At the Hop’ sequence took older members of the audience back to the Rock ‘n’ Roll era. Class two’s ‘Ballet Suite’ featured various dancers in short ballet pieces which they handled well - Maia Horn and Ellie Tindal performing together particularly well in their sprightly duet. Class two’s Latin contribution, ‘Brazil’ was danced energetically with much concentrated effort and wiggling of hips.

Class three’s ‘Hip Hop’ which was again choreographed by Beth Callon was very entertaining while their ‘Ballet Suite’ incorporated a graceful duet by Daryl Geddes and Nievh Reid. Natalie Robertson showed good technique and danced with great confidence in her solo. A lively ‘Log Jam’ then put everyone in mind of Canadian lumberjacks when the girls came on stage wearing checked shirts and jeans. Their finishing sequence ‘Temptation Rag’ was well danced and showed class three’s versatility.

Class four commenced their programme with their ‘Ballet Suite’. This comprised a series of short pieces which were danced delightfully by the pupils who displayed good footwork. ‘Latino’ was a lively salsa. The girls’ brightly coloured red and blue sequinned costumes worked well and added to the exuberance of the dance. They tap danced proficiently through their ‘Hello Dolly’ sequence and then transported the audience back to the 1980s in ‘Right Back’. A cleverly choreographed ‘Hip Hop’ by Beth Callon was most enjoyable. ‘Sugarfoot Stomp’ was danced brilliantly by Kezia Adam, Emily Biesok, Milly Cresswell and Eve Swan. The girls’ timing and quality of dancing was of a very high standard and was faultlessly executed by the foursome.

Class five’s Saturday’s tap to ‘Upside Down’ was well danced and their ‘Rhythm is a Dancer’ was noteworthy. Ellie Callon, Nicola Fairlie, Gemma Fraser and Kelsey McFarlane choreographed and gave an excellent performance of ‘Turn Me On’. ‘Masquerade’ was well performed by this class and was enhanced by their costumes and Venetian masks. Beth Callon’s choreography produced their excellent ‘Hip Hop’ routine.

Liz Hewston, Debbie McDonald, Sara Jane McDonald, Cheryl Ritchie, Beth Wells and Cheryl Willis from the adult class danced a graceful and poignant interpretation of Cat Stevens’ ‘The Wind’ and then performed their ‘Good Life’ sequence with style and confidence.

The evening ended all too soon when all pupils appeared on stage costumed in red leotards, red sequin masks and head dresses to perform ‘Fire Spirit’. As the dance drew to a close, eight dancers wearing red body suits and unusual flame head dresses came on stage waving long strips of red material attached to sticks imitating the movement of flames. As the music reached it’s climax, the dancers leapt around the stage, dance steps and ribbon sticks closely synchronised. They finished along with the music by throwing themselves flat onto the stage, flames dying immediately with the blackout following.

Dancers who took part were:

Class one, assisted by Remy Beattie and Beth Callon: Cora Brown, Lilli Jane Buchanan, Ava Callon, Ava Chisholm, Libby Coull, Phoebe Coutts, Chloe Craig, Georgia Delahay, Nori Jane Forbes, Kelsey Geddes, Olivia Geddes, Summer Geddes, Niamh Hammond, Lucy Harley, Ava Holmes, Amy Johnston, Sadie Mann, Prudence McQuade, Libby Neave, Emily Parker, Lia Pert, Grace Sargeant, Ava Simpson, Grace Waldie and Sophie Youngson.

Class two, assisted by Remy Beattie and Beth Callon: Kacey Baillie, Katelyn Clark, Mollie Delahay, Poppy Donachie, Lana Duncan, Isla Fosbury, Shannon Gauld, Libby Jo Geddes, Maia Horn, Ella Penman, Riach McKenzie, Lewis Robb, Evie Scrimger, Aimee Simpson, Eve Smith, Taylor Smith, Amaia Stampfer, Ellie Strachan, Olivia Strachan, Ellie Tindal and Amber Whamond.

Class three, assisted by Beth Callon: Emma Adam, Brooke Broughton, Kara Duthie, Daryl Geddes, Eilidh Hammond, Kerrin Lawless, Catie Mathieson, Jennifer McFarlane, Hannah McLeod, Rebecca McWatt, Akeisha Mitllari, Nievh Reid, Maya Robb, Natalie Robertson, Ruby Wales and Emma Whitton.

Class four, assisted by Beth Callon: Kezia Adam, Amy Annandale, Emily Biesok, Kayla Broughton, Molly Claffey, Emily Clark, Lauren Clark, Hannah Coull, Milly Cresswell, Jenna Geddes, Cameron Glen, Tanzy Hannigan, Phoebe Hill, Caitlin McFarlane, Rachael McFarlane, Sarah Millar, Kaitlyn Parsley, Courtney Robb, Baillie Ross, Rachel Shepherd, Lucia Strachan and Eve Swan.

Class five Saturday, assisted by Beth Callon: Ellie Callon, Iona Charters, Jade Duncan, Rosie Easson, Nicola Fairlie, Cerys Ferguson, Amy Fleming, Gemma Fraser, Tegan Gray, Beth Hodgens, Kelsey McFarlane, Rachael McWatt, Suzanne Millar, Chantell Mitllari, Cara Spink and Ellen Wilson.

Class five Wednesday: Devon Adam, Rebecca Annandale, Remy Beattie, Jaymie Bray, Beth Callon, Kimberly Cargill, Alanna Clark, Lisa Croall, Stevie Falconer, Claire Farmer, Emma Finch, Kara Findlay, Beth Milne, Ellice Parsley, Danielle Phillips, Caitlin Spink, Sarah Spurway and Beth Wales.

Adult class, assisted by Ellice Parsley: Anne Baillie, Alison Cresswell, Louise Crozier, Stephanie Donachie, Karen Duncan, Elaine Fosbury, Teresa Gall, Gwen Geddes, Tracey Gray, Karen Greig, Liz Hewston, Laura Hodgens, Debbie McDonald, Sarah Jane McDonald, Cheryl Ritchie, Karen Ritchie, Lily Robb, Catherine Spurway, Una Standbridge, Tammy Stuart, Sonia Swankie, Lisa Tindal, Beth Wells and Cheryl Willis.

Dressing room helpers were Karen Cargill, Lucy Cuthbert, Jane Stewart, Rachael Stewart, Stephanie Watson, Vikki Watson, Anna Webster, Beth Wells, Caitlin Whittaker, Cheryl Willis and Pauline Willis.

The backstage crew comprised Bob Barraclough, Keith Barraclough, Linsay Barraclough and Rod Davidson.

Sound was by Alex Cargill and AML was in charge of lighting.

Programmes were by Jo and Sara Dalziel.