Arbroath Harbour

Arbroath Harbour has evolved with the times.
Arbroath Harbour has evolved with the times.

A harbour has existed at Arbroath since the founding of the abbey in 1178.

The current design dates from 1839 and between 1900 and 1980 fishing was the lifeblood of the harbour.

The Old Harbour, which forms the inner wet dock that acts as a tidal basin, was built in the 17th century and converted in 1877.

Arbroath was an important port for trade with many countries including France, particularly during the Jacobite Rebellion, and the houses of Old Shore are a reflection of this, as they were built originally for ships’ captains and merchants.

Today, with a fishing fleet much-reduced from its heyday, the harbour mostly serves as a marina. Brightly coloured pleasure craft of various sizes and styles are a common sight in the summer months, and it is also a great place for an evening stroll.