Are potholes putting a dent in your day?

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The state of Carnoustie’s roads has been attracting criticism again this week causing one town councillor to call for Holyrood funds.

Earlier this week a posting on the OurCarnoustie Facebook page highlighted the fact that potholes continue to be 
a source of aggravation for motorists in the town.

Jo Bennie posted: “Just to say as well for car drivers potholes are opening up maybe due to rain, big ones just as you come into Carnoustie on Carlogie Road and on Newton Road at the bridge 
over the burn.”

The Guide & Gazette contacted Councillor Brian Boyd for his reaction to the age-old problem of 
Carnoustie potholes.

He said: “Potholes must be fixed urgently due to the potential damage they can 
cause to cars.

“I had put in the request for attention to be paid to the potholes on Carlogie road and I also requested a resurface for Charles Street, Links Avenue, Newton Road and phase three Kinloch Street in next 
year’s budget.

However, Councillor Boyd admitted budgetary constraints could limit Angus Council’s ability to deal 
with them.

He said: “As for the budgeting for this we have to be realistic. With an eight-year 
freeze on council tax our roads department is at breaking point and something 
has to give.

“You can’t get blood out of a stone. The money has to come from somewhere and the Scottish Government has to start sensible debates 
about raising taxes that 
they are entitled to.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council said: “Our last programmed inspection of the area was early January, prior to the recent poor weather. We are to reinspect this area shortly and are continuing to undertake repairs. We welcome reports of road defects to our ACCESSLine 
on 08452 777 778.”