Art Society speaker

THE GUEST speaker at Friday’s meeting of Arbroath Art Society in the Old and Abbey Church hall was Laurencekirk artist and a former teacher at Arbroath High School, David Johnston.

In his illustrated talk entitled ‘The Way I see It’, he said that painting depended on line, colour and tone but that for him, tone was the driving force.

He illustrated his theme with paintings by Durer, Vermeer, Turner, Whistler, Hopper and Vettriano, all of whom used a limited palette and relied on tonal values to create expressive atmospheric works.

Next came a step-by-step insight into his approach to painting and finally a series of his completed works taken from the Mearns countryside, all of which beautifully illustrated his devotion to tonal painting and left his audience full of admiration and appreciation.

Many will now return to their watercolours with renewed interest and considerably less colours on their palettes.

At next month’s meeting on December 7, Sheenagh Young will demonstrate practical aspects of Tiffany Glass.