Ashludie works spark debate

The old Glaxo Unit at Ashludie Hospital was demolished last week. Credit: Rod Bowman.
The old Glaxo Unit at Ashludie Hospital was demolished last week. Credit: Rod Bowman.

There has been a mixed public reaction to the beginning of development at the former Ashludie Hospital site.

Miller Homes Ltd., has a planning application lodged with Angus Council for the conversion of the main buildings at Ashludie, the Victorian house and the admin block into homes, and the creation of more than 150 new dwellings in a mix of flats and housing, including affordable options.

Work began earlier this month to clear parts of the site, including the Glaxo Unit, the last area of Ashludie to be closed in September 2013.

Reader Rod Bowman sent us a picture of the demolition and said: “The old Glaxo Day Centre which catered for the elderly over the past 25 years is being reduced to rubble. A facility lost to the community to centralise care when care in the community should be our priority. This ‘new’ building being reduced to rubble is a disgrace. Too late now to do anything about it I’m afraid.”

Kerry Lyn Ewen posted on Our Monifieth: “As an ex-nurse of Ashludie, I would have preferred it to be left as a hospital, with it’s beautiful grounds, not a derelict building or new housing.

“Monifieth is far too big now, it’s unrecognisable as the place where I grew up, the schools are already far too full without any more housing/residents, Invertay Primary was closed then loads of extra houses were built and Seaview and Grange were left to cope. Monifieth Health Centre can’t cope with the amount of people in Monifieth now! We don’t need any more houses!”

Also concerned about infrastructure Janice Spence wrote: “Far too many houses being built in Monifieth and no education/community facilities to support this. Where do we stop? There is planning already in for over a hundred homes in the field opposite Dobbies.”

On the other side of the fence Donna Borthwick commented: “I totally agree about services etc not being able to cope but would rather see old empty buildings being made into houses than green areas such as opposite Dobbies etc. No more building on new land until all old buildings and churches are sold and developed!”

Jenny Carnell also welcomed the news: “I am delighted there are plans for new homes in Monifieth and the plans at Ashludie Hospital look amazing with a wide range of family size houses and open spaces.

“Hopefully I will be in a position to be able to buy one of these houses and move out of my parents’ house.”