Avenue Q right 
up your street!


The LimeLight Company’s most recent offering is a marked departure from earlier shows.

Avenue Q, performed by adults only, has a parental advisory of age 12 and, with subject matter that is not for the prudish, has several scenes that are an absolute hoot!

Set in a backlit New York street scene and performed through the medium of puppetry, acting, and singing, the musical broaches a variety of social issues including racism, sexual identity, intimate relationships, unemployment and pornography. It asks the question “What is normal?”

The story follows the life of Princeton, (played by Chris O’Mara) who, at aged 22 is jobless with a BA in English and is struggling with understanding his purpose in life. Princeton soon finds that he’s not the only one down on their luck when he meets the other residents of Avenue Q.

Providing Princeton’s love interest is Kate Monster (Sara Whitton) who is hoping to open a Monster School for ‘People of Fur’. Sara also doubles as Kate Monster’s antithesis, Lucy the Slut and carries off both roles with aplomb.

Other residents of Avenue Q trying to find their way in life include downtrodden Brian (George Walker) and his sharp-mannered Japanese girlfriend, Christmas Eve (Shelley Brandie); Trekkie Monster (Mike Carlin and Karen Easton) who spends most of his time on the internet; Gary Coleman from TV’s Different Strokes (Amanda Skilton) and Rod (Chris) and Nicky (Mike) who are two friends coming to terms with each other’s lifestyles. In addition to the residents, we also meet the ‘bad idea bears’ who are quick to throw temptation in the way of Avenue Q’s residents.

Although delivered with much humour and in puppet style à la Sesame Street, the show brings many serious and sensitive issues to the fore. It is thought provoking both for the subject matter and in the delivery of the entertainment.

Take a look around you. Do you live in Avenue Q? Are you normal? Come along and 

Avenue Q is showing at the Webster Memorial Theatre until tomorrow (Saturday) each evening at 7.30 p.m.

Tickets are available at the box office, 01241 435800.