Barry Road works get the green light

(From left) Eddie Wilmot, Brian Boyd, and Gavin Watson were pictured at the roadworks in Carnoustie.
(From left) Eddie Wilmot, Brian Boyd, and Gavin Watson were pictured at the roadworks in Carnoustie.

CARNOUSTIE has entered the latest phase of the programme of roadworks currently being carried out in the town.

Access to Barry Road has been restricted while D.J. Laing Contracts carries out the resurfacing work which should iron out the much-complained about bumps in the road.

Residents have been advised to find alternative parking for the stretch of road between Victoria Street and Westfield Street for the five weeks the work is scheduled to last.

The section of road between Victoria Street and James Street will be reconstructed, while patching will be done between James Street and Westfield Street with drainage improvements included in the works.

A letter received from Angus Council’s road maintenance manager Douglas Hill said: “There may be some inconvenience caused to you by our operations and I would ask for your patience and co-operation while the work proceeds. Thank you in anticipation of your understanding throughout the duration of these works.”

Independent councillor Brian Boyd said: “I’m pleased to see the works start, and it’s good to see local contractors doing the work.

“I am sure they will be using their local knowledge to do their utmost to minimise disruption and keep the access to the health centre open.

“Getting the works moved from January to late autumn can only be an advantage to residents of Barry Road and the surrounding area, and although the signs say five weeks we hope it might be finished sooner.”

Carnoustie community councillor Eddie Wilmott, who has long been campaigning for the main thoroughfares to be brought up to scratch, is also pleased.

He said: “‘No pain, no gain’ immediately springs to mind and I’m sure that in a few short weeks we will be able to transit a far superior arterial road surface, well worth all the efforts and wait!”