Beavers in Glen Lyon

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1st Carnoustie Beavers joined up with other Beaver Colonies from across the Tayside area for a day of fun and adventure at the Meggernie Scout Centre at Bridge of Balgie in Perthshire, Glen Lyon.

Carnoustie Beavers were: from left, back - Marc Jameson, Asa Burns, Kenny Lee, leader; Ben Cudlipp, Jack Skelligan, Gregor Brown, Craven McMillan, Rogan Thomson, Sam Ogilvie, Harrison Whittet, Matthew Booth, Ruairidh Brooks, Sam Roberts, Brodie Walsh, Gavin Lee and Alan Brown, leader.

Front - Max Fullerton, Nathan Hibbert, Archie Paton, Dylan Scott, Lukas Mearns, Tom Sheppard, Austin Whittet, Brodie Boyd, Max King, Liam Thomson, Adam Moir, Jayden McCagh, Morgan Dickson, Milo Smart and Innes McMillan.