Bedroom Tax will hurt Ferry

A Broughty Ferry councillor has hit out at the controversial Bedroom Tax which he believes will have serious consequences for the town.

And although Broughty Ferry is often thought of as reasonably affluent, Councillor Kevin Cordell, SNP, who is the depute housing convener for Dundee City Council, says residents will feel the pinch equally.

He said: “What precisely is the UK Government hoping to achieve by attacking the most vulnerable and most desperate in our society?

“People are hurting everywhere and although the Ferry is consistently highlighted for its lack of poverty and high levels of its residents who are in employment that is no consolation to those who find themselves out of work.

“Indeed a job club has started in Broughty Ferry library and families affected by unemployment and the hated bedroom tax can be found throughout the ward.”

Councillor Cordell believes that strong measures should be taken.

He said: “The Scottish Government and Dundee City Council Local Authorities are doing their best and there are initiatives such as Discretionary Housing Payments but the only answer to this iniquitous tax is abolition.

“The SNP has categorically stated it will abolish the Bedroom Tax in year one of Independence.

“Indeed here in Dundee, I moved a motion at the Council’s housing committee asking that social security and welfare be devolved to the Scottish Parliament where action could be taken, but the Labour Party voted against this.”

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