Befrienders’ talk to Friendship Circle

The CO-FOUNDERS of Carnoustie Befrienders, Jean Brown and Una Wardrop, gave a talk to the Panbride Friendship Circle recently.

The guests told the group that having decided that there were a great many lonely people in Carnoustie, they got together with the local GPs and social workers in order to do something about the situation.

They launched their group with a coffee morning and tried to encourage some volunteers to help them in their work.

So far 14 people have volunteered and been accepted having been interviewed, supplied references and been assessed by Disclosure Scotland/Protection of Vulnerable Adults.

Anyone who is lonely can be referred to the group by a relative or any nurse, doctor.

The group was set up with funding from the lottery but Jean emphasised that they could do a lot more if there were more volunteers and more donations. 
The next meeting of the Panbride Friendship Circle will take place on Tuesday (October 30) at 2 p.m. in Newton Panbride Hall.

Eric Woodhams will entertain with an afternoon of music.