Benefits of language skills highlighted to S3 pupils

Carnoustie High School
Carnoustie High School

Pupils from Carnoustie High School learned about the benefit of language skills from a range of local business leaders.

An event was held in the school on September 28 for S3 pupils, who heard from business leaders who viewed language skills as key to the growth and success of their company.

It demonstrated the relevance of language skills in a work context and aimed to encourage pupils to continue with their language studies into the senior phase of their secondary education, and beyond school.

Keynote speaker, Thomas Hulvershorn from Outplay Entertainment, said: “It really was great to see the kids beginning to think and take on board the fact that work is probably not such a daunting prospect if you apply yourself and develop your skills to enable yourself to do something you enjoy doing.

“They also seemed to understand the main message: that language skills can help you in all sorts of ways and that learning a language is something that will enrich you as a person.

“This was very satisfying and I felt good to be able to make a small difference to how some pupils regard languages for their future!”

Karen Webster from Tokheim, one of the businesses which attended the event, added: “I found the event very enjoyable, and the message is an important one – it doesn’t really matter what language you learn, but make sure you have a second language!”

Teacher, K Mustard, commented: “The morning offered an enthusiastic insight into the role of languages in the gaming industry. The presentation engaged all members of the audience and was thoroughly enjoyable and motivating.”

One of the pupils who took part in the event, said: “You don’t have to be smart to learn a language. Learning a language broadens your horizons.”

The event was organised by Carnoustie High School’s Modern Languages Department with support from SCILT, Scotland’s National Centre for Languages, working in partnership with local businesses.

Companies attending the event included Outplay Entertainment, Tokheim, Valentine International, Dundee Science Centre, Glamis Castle and the charity Project Trust.

Fhiona Fisher, Director of SCILT said: “Events such as these are a really important way of providing young people with high quality careers advice delivered by the business people themselves and of demonstrating to them the value of language skills in our increasingly globalised world”.

Employer engagement and provident relevant careers advice are key recommendations of Scotland’s Youth Employment strategy, ‘developing the young workforce’, and this engagement event helped support these aims buy giving pupils the opportunity to ask questions and find out more about the role of languages in the business world.