Best foot forward at Angus College


IF YOU take a stroll round Arbroath any day during the week, you may well run into the ‘Raging Techno Kamikaze Walkers’, or ‘The Trip-Trappers’, or ‘Jannies On Tour’, or even ‘The Procrastinating Plodders’

But fear not, these are not sinister gangs of hoodies up to no good, they’re just four of the 17 five-strong teams of staff from Angus College who have signed up for the Walk at Work Challenge.

The eager walkers are from the college’s support, teaching and senior management staff and thanks to funding from Paths For All, each participant has been given a free pedometer to measure distance and effort.

The whole idea is simply to get people walking more, to become fitter and enjoy the health benefits of regular walking.

Angus College healthy working lives officer Jane Cooper said: “We are very grateful to Paths For All for their help in financing this, and I’m amazed that so many staff have signed up.

“We have run many successful health initiatives in the past but we have never had so many staff signing up for a challenge, 85 staff putting their names down is definitely an Angus College record!”

She went on: “Once people start walking, they are trusted to motivate themselves to ‘walk the walk’ - literally, in this case - but if talk and walk don’t agree, let’s say, their pedometers will tell the unvarnished truth.”

Though enjoyment of the walking and the resulting fitness improvements are obviously significant benefits, they aren’t the only ones, says Jane, as over the eight weeks of the project, small prizes are planned, perhaps for most improved walker, biggest total of steps, etc.