Big changes for Panmure Youths

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A CARNOUSTIE youth football club showed its commitment to the community sports club project by taking the first step in unifying the new club’s image.

At a meeting last week, Carnoustie Panmure Youth Football Club (CPYFC) decided to change from their traditional red and black strips to the red and white designs of the adult teams and also to adopt a common Carnoustie Panmure badge at the earliest opportunity.

Derek Millar, CPYFC president, explained changes are necessary to develop the project and also to create a unifying brand for the member clubs to identify with.

He said: “We’re the first club to show we are willing to make that jump.

It’s a big step for our club and it’s also a sign that we are committed to the Community Sports Club.

“We’ll be looking to the other clubs to give just as much commitment and help us to drive it forward.”

Phil Hope, CPYFC secretary, believes as the biggest club they should lead the way. He added:”This is the first big hurdle and the first big step of the clubs working as one.

“It’s a big commitment being the biggest club in Carnoustie and it’s a big commitment to say we are willing to adapt and change.”

Both Derek and Phil travel during the course of their work and it allows them to see similar community sports club developments in Scotland, such as in Motherwell, or closer to home - the Dundee West FC project.

Phil said: “We’re out and about and we see what other towns have and we’ve both said ‘Why don’t we have that and what do we need to do to get that?’

“These clubs are big clubs that have money to do that and we know as a small club that won’t happen.

“Our only option as a small club is to become part of a big club and do it that way.”

Derek explained that the most important thing is to ensure that the playing career pathway is completed in partnership with the other clubs so that the 196 children who currently train with CPYFC and their successors will have access to training, facilities and clubs throughout their playing careers.

He said: “Our club has ambitions to provide its players with a full pathway from the academy age, all the way through to adult football with the best facilities that we can have.

“We look to encourage players to remain in Carnoustie rather than drifting into Dundee to the ‘big clubs’ that have both youth and adult teams.

“We want to be that ‘big club’ that attracts players. The realisation is that we cannot do this on our own so we have been working with our football partners, Carnoustie Panmure Junior FC, Carnoustie YM AFC, Monifieth Ladies’ FC and the Scottish FA to develop a strategy to move forward together to achieve our ambitions.

“Making big changes to our identity was not an easy decision but we hope that you can see that we have the long term prospects of our club and its players in mind.”