Big entry for Monifieth Highland dance competition

Dancers who took part in the special Tartan Week competition.
Dancers who took part in the special Tartan Week competition.

AS PART of the Tartan Week Celebrations, Tayfolk Dance and Music held a Highland Dancing competition in the Gerard Hall, Monifieth, on Saturday.

A good entry was recorded, attracting competitors from around the county and beyond.


Five years: Pas de Basques - Kaitlyn Gauld, Forfar; Pas de Basques (HC) - Kaitlyn Gauld; Highland Fling - Abbie Crighton, Forfar; Sword Dance - Abbie Crighton.

Six years: Pas de Basques - Imogen Laing, Forfar; Pas de Basques (HC) - Imogen Laing; Highland Fling - Imogen Laing.


Highland Fling - Liam Mitchelson, Monifieth; Sword Dance - Cara McFarlane, Carnoustie; Seann Triubhas - Katie Clark, Monifieth; Half Tulloch - Meggie M. Lyall, Carnoustie; Trophy Fling - Seann Mitchelson, Monifieth; Flora MacDonald - Violet McKenzie, Kirriemuir; Scottish Lilt - Adam Marshall, Birkhill.

Overall placings, - 1, Cara McFarlane; 2, Violet McKenzie; 3, Meggie M. Lyall.


Highland Fling - Phoebe Meldrum, Tayport; Sword Dance - Phoebe Meldrum; Seann Triubhas - Phoebe Meldrum; Half Tulloch - Phoebe Meldrum; Trophy Fling - Phoebe Meldrum; Flora MacDonald - Phoebe Meldrum; Scottish Lilt - Phoebe Meldrum.

Overall placings - 1, Phoebe Meldrum; 2, Hannah W. Yeo, Tayport; 3, Brooke Carr, Glenrothes.


Highland Fling - Ellie M. Meacher, Methil; Sword Dance - Ellie M. Meacher; Seann Triubhas - Ellie M. Meacher; Half Tulloch - Ellie M. Meacher; Trophy Barrack’s Johnny - Ellie M. Meacher; Flora MacDonald - Ellie M. Meacher; Scottish Lilt - Ellie M. Meacher; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Ellie M. Meacher.

Overall placing - 1, Ellie M. Meacher.


Nine years: Highland Fling - Millie McDaid, Glenrothes; Sword Dance - Melissa Lumsden, Monifieth; Seann Triubhas - Millie McDaid; Half Tulloch - Melissa Lumsden; Trophy Barrack’s Johnny - Millie McDaid; Flora MacDonald - Millie McDaid; Scottish Lilt - Melissa Lumsden; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Melissa Lumsden.

Overall placings - 1 (equal), Melissa Lumsden and Millie McDaid.

11 years: Highland Fling - Kathryn Mathers, Leven; Sword Dance - Carrie Mitchelson, Kellas; Seann Triubhas - Carrie Mitchelson; Half Tulloch - Kathryn Mathers; Trophy Barrack’s Johnny - Carrie Mitchelson; Flora MacDonald - Carrie Mitchelson; Scottish Lilt - Kathryn Mathers; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Kathryn Mathers.

Overall placings - 1 (equal), Carrie Mitchelson and Kathryn Mathers.

13 years: Highland Fling - Katie Mills, Monifieth; Sword Dance - Katie Mills; Seann Triubhas - Katie Mills; Half Tulloch - Katie Mills; Trophy Barrack’s Johnny - Katie Mills; Flora MacDonald - Mhiran Souttar, Luthermuir; Scottish Lilt - Mhiran Souttar; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Katie Mills.

Overall placings - 1, Katie Mills; 2, Mhiran Souttar; 3, Georgia Adamson, Buckhaven.

16 years and over: Highland Fling - Lauren Duncan, Methil; Sword Dance - Lauren Duncan; Seann Triubhas - Carla Soutar, Kirriemuir; Half Tulloch - Lauren Duncan; Trophy Barrack’s Johnny - Carla Soutar; Flora MacDonald - Lauren Duncan; Scottish Lilt - Lauren Duncan; Sailor’s Hornpipe - Lauren Duncan.

Overall placings - 1, Lauren Duncan; 2, Carla Soutar.