Boys’ Brigade members say thanks

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THE BOYS and officers of the 1st Carnoustie Company Boys’ Brigade invited members of the For Carnoustie charity to their hall on Friday evening to say thank you for the £2,000 grant to allow the purchase of an interactive white board and projector.

In the previous round of funding, the Company had applied to have the latest technology installed in their Maule Street hall to allow them to fully integrate with the internet and give them the flexibility to deliver lessons to the boys in a variety of different ways.

On Friday night the members of For Carnoustie were shown the new equipment fully installed and were given a demonstration of how the equipment is being used to deliver the Duke of Edinburgh programme within the BB Company. The presentation was given by Scott Ferguson, one of the officers. The boys and members of For Carnoustie then watched a film and ended the evening with some pizza.

Company Captain Neil Russell in his address to For Carnoustie thanked them for the hard work and effort that they are putting in and the difference that they have made to many organisations within the town and not just the 1st Carnoustie Company.

He said: “I would like to thank For Carnoustie for their very kind donation. The interactive whiteboard and projector that we have installed allows us to be much more creative and hi-tech in how we deliver our lessons.

“It was great that so many representatives of For Carnoustie could come along and share the evening with the boys and see at first hand how their hard work is paying off in the community.”