Brochure of memories

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DURING their recent visit to Maule, it became apparent to members of the Carnoustie Twinning Association that the Maulois had been busy in preparation for all of the events to mark the 20th anniversary of the links between the Scottish and French towns.

One of the items found in each visitor ‘Welcome’ pack was a brochure, in both languages, showing photographs taken during many of the events and visits which have taken place annually since 1992. This had been compiled and published by the Maulois with co-operation from both current and past members from both sides of the English Channel.

Copies of the brochure are at a premium but a number of additional copies were obtained and these have been distributed to the schools in Carnoustie.

Additionally two copies have been lodged at Carnoustie Library where they can be inspected by any interested member of the public.