Brooke gets a good report

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CARNOUSTIE girl Brooke Ramsay has been given a glowing post-operation report by NHS doctors.

In July last year Brooke (8) travelled to Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, to undergo a selective dorsal rhizotomy to correct the effects of cerebral palsy.

Now six months later Brooke revisited the hospital for a thorough assessment, much to her parents’ satisfaction.

Brooke’s father Stewart said: “The assessment went very well and we’re delighted.

“It was a very thorough assessment that lasted two hours. They first of all took a look at her walking about the room, then we went through to the consultant room where we had a chat about how things had changed since the op.

“We talked about how she was now able to dress and wash herself with less input from us, and how she could not walk and run better, use her two wheeled scooter, trampoline, how she could now forward roll, move from sit to stand position herself, jump, almost hop, and most importantly how she no longer felt sore all the time and was a lot happier in herself.

“There were no adverse effects from the surgery and her scar has healed well.”

Brooke’s full range of lower body movement and strength was tested, also with positive results. Stewart said: “A lot of numbers were attributed to these individual movements that mean little to us, but, overall, it meant a huge improvement in range of movement and muscle strength.

“The doctors had anticipated a return to pre-op levels after six months, however Brooke’s improvement has been dramatically better.”

However, Brooke has exhibited some issues with her knees, namely hypertension and a slight tendency to be knock-kneed, but these have been picked up on and will be dealt with during the course of her physiotherapy.

Brooke will return to Bristol in July for her one year assessment, and in the meantime doctors will compare her results from this latest assessment and her gait analysis from last year.