Brooke goes for a spin!

Brooke Ramsay and mum Laura after Brooke's 10 mile cycle run to Arbroath.
Brooke Ramsay and mum Laura after Brooke's 10 mile cycle run to Arbroath.

A Carnoustie girl who underwent a life-changing operation to correct her cerebral palsy has achieved another milestone in her progress.

Young Brooke Ramsay successfully completed a 10-mile cycle run to Arbroath with her family on Sunday, something her parents had never expected to see.

Mum Laura said: “I definitely never expected it. I actually went and got a wee bike because I never had one before. There wasn’t much point.

“Previously when Amy went out on her bike it was with her Dad and Ben and Brooke and I just stayed at home doing some baking or craft work.

“It was freezing, but we wanted to blow the cobwebs away and just wanted to get out on our bikes.

“Brooke was desperate to do it because her sister Amy has done it before.”

Brooke suffered from cerebral palsy which had severely limited her mobility and last summer she went down to Bristol for a selective dorsal rhizotomy and since 
then has come on in leaps and bounds as her latest adventure shows.

Laura added: “We started off at Muirdrum, I took Brooke up there in the car because I thought that was a bit far. There were a lot of stops, but Brooke did really well, and the ice cream at McDonalds helped too.

“It was a family run, Ben was on the back of Stewart’s bike, Amy was there and so was I. It took us 
about three hours but we got out there and Brooke thoroughly enjoyed it.”

She continued: “We’ve cycled to Monifieth before, just along the cycle path and then played at the park at the end but that seemed to be harder going because it’s up and down but the Arbroath route was a lot easier.

“We are absolutely delighted and they are both asking for bigger bikes from Santa Clause this year. Brooke has done so well.”