Brooke just keeps impressing

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A year after her life-changing operation Carnoustie girl Brooke Ramsay returned to the hospital where she underwent surgery.

And while she was there doctors and therapists gave her a big thumbs up and were pleased with her progress.

Brooke, who suffers from cerebral palsy, underwent the pioneering surgery at the Frenchay Hospital in Bristol to help her walk.

The operation was a culmination of fund-raising by her parents Laura and Stewart and the rest of the family to enable Brooke to have the treatment.

And since last being at the hospital a year ago, Brooke can now ride a bike by herself and has even started wall climbing in Dundee.

Dad Stewart said: “It was a very good trip for us, we are very happy with the results she got during her assessment, and happy that we are progressing in the right way for Brooke.”

But he warned there could be more hard work ahead for Brooke as her physiotherapy continues.

He explained: “Brooke has made overall improvements in her strength, speed, and walking function.

“They agreed with the assessment of our local physiotherapists that we are in the fine tuning stages of Brooke’s rehab.

“This is the longest and hardest stage, and that the improvements made in that stage are generally slower and less noticeable than the milestones she has reached by now.

“This is the really difficult stages.”