Brooke’s continues to stun with progress

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JUST over a week after life changing surgery Carnoustie youngster Brooke Ramsay is already one step closer to her dream.

The brave seven year-old only had a operation to relieve the effects of her cerebral palsy last Tuesday, but already she can stand up with flat feet and take small side steps.

And her progress is continuing to shock her proud parents Laura and Stewart, who are over the moon with how she has responded to the operation.

Brooke’s dream was to be able to walk like any other child and she became the first Scottish child to undergo a procedure called selective dorsal rhizotomy at the Frenchay Hospital in Bristol last week.

And dad Stewart is delighted she is already up and about and continuing to impress her physiotherapists, who are helping with her rehabilitation.

He said: “Six days post-op at her first full physio rehabilitation session, I could not believe what I was seeing.

“She needed a bit of help, but was able to stand still and only holding on to the bar with one hand, so she still has some strength in her legs.

“She has been taking side steps, again with the help from the physio, but no one expected her to be at this stage so soon.

“We were both absolutely over the moon and saw a determination in Brooke that we’ve not seen to this extent before.”

Brooke will continue with her rehabilitation in Bristol and hopes to be discharged from the hospital next Friday (July 27).