Brooke’s Dream raised £70,000

THE GRAND total for a Carnoustie girl’s fund-raising campaign has been revealed by her parents as being nearly £70,000.

Brooke Ramsay (8) and her family realised a massive £68,214 through the Brooke’s Dream campaign to pay for her treatment for cerebral palsy.

Brooke’s cerebral palsy had left her with severe mobility problems in her legs and initially the idea was to fund a selective dorsal rhizotomy operation as well as physiotherapy.

Such was the momentum generated during the campaign that the NHS agreed to develop a treatment pathway for children in a similar situation and Brooke became the first Scottish child to receive an NHS funded selective dorsal rhizotomy.

Her parents, Laura and Stewart, were surprised and delighted with the response from the general public.

Laura said: “We never thought we would raise that much. Nowhere near. We actually panicked initially that with Ayley and Chloe’s success no one would support us, but they just did.”

In fact at the end of last year Brooke’s Dream was able to give £24,500 back to the community which had supported her so fully.

Laura said: “It is a good feeling to re-donate. We just think about all the folk who have supported us and that we didn’t need it all.

“We’ve kept enough for Brooke’s treatment and we’ll hopefully have enough left over that we can give away more, but Brooke is our main priority and we need to be sure.

“We never want to have to go down the route of fund-raising again.”

Brooke currently undertakes professional physiotherapy four times a week, with a further session led by her parents as well as more child friendly activities at the weekends.

Laura said: “Brooke will always have to do some sort of activity to keep on top of it, but hopefully the intensive physio will stop after three years.

“It could stop before then, but I’m not so sure. There’s a long way to go but the main thing is that she’s working hard and she wants to do it.”

If that was not enough, Brooke has just started at a dance class in Arbroath. Laura explained: “Brooke now goes to Showcase the Street on a Monday night. She had her first class this week and she absolutely loved it.

“Amy, has been going for a long time and loves it and Brooke’s loving the fact she’s getting to do the same as her sister.”

Next week she will pay a visit to the Armistead Child Development Centre in Dundee to see about a course of serial casting.

This will involve Brooke’s leg being carefully positioned and set in a cast for around a week, then opened up, her knees repositioned and then cast again and again over several weeks.

Laura said: “That should take three or four week to do and give her heels and ankles a good stretch.”

Laura added: “We just want to thank everybody again for all their support, none of this would have been possible without them.”