Broughty doing the LocalMotion

Broughty will get its own land train this month
Broughty will get its own land train this month

Broughty Ferry will soon have its own land train thanks to a generous local woman.

Elaine Stewart, director of LocalMotion Land Trains Ltd, Scotlands only privately run Land Train Company, is bringing a new mode of transport to the area on May 24.

Having been on similar trains on holidays abroad, Elaine felt that her local area would benefit from a land train to link keys areas of local interest and provide a fun, relaxing, and alternative mode of transport for visitors and locals enjoying Broughty Ferry.

The three carriage, 60 seat land train with its comfy seats and open sides will take users on a circular route from the Phibbies pier along Beach Crescent, into Gray Street then right on to King Street. It will stop at the Windmill garden before travelling along Esplanade to The Barnhill Rock Garden, stopping briefly near the Glass Pavilion on route.

After a stop at the rock garden the land train will return to the harbour, stopping once more at the Glass Pavilion, as well as the Windmill Garden.

Enjoy relaxing on the train and taking in the sights at a sedate 10 mph while still getting that outdoors feeling with the open sides.

Why not pack a picnic and stop a while in the award-winning Barnhill Rock Garden or the Windmill Garden?

The route will take approximately 35 minutes including stops and your ticket gets you a full circuit starting at whichever designated point suits best. Break your journey where you wish and pick up the train again at a later time.

Children under 2 are free, 2-11 yrs £2 and 12 and over £3.

The train will operate weekends initially with some weekdays through the holidays. If the big flags are flying the train is running. Find out more about LocalMotion Land trains on Facebook or at

The land train provides an attractive advertising opportunity to local businesses and any interested companies should contact Elaine:

The time of the first run will be posted on Facebook and the website soon.