Broughty Ferry Pitfall

AN ELDERLY woman required surgery recently after falling victim to a pothole in Broughty Ferry.

Kathleen Downie (83), from Dover, was visiting her daughter, Joan Orr, in the town when she tripped and fell into the pavement pothole on Gray Street.

An ambulance was called after staff from nearby shops and a first-aider rushed to her assistance.

Kathleen was taken to Ninewells Hospital where surgeons reset her broken hip, but her children fear she may never fully recover.

Son Colin Logan (61), her full-time carer, feels that her confidence will be shaken.

Kathleen, who for the last year has walked with the aid of a metal frame, was described by her son as having been given “a new lease of life”, which has sadly now been taken away from her.

Colin and Joan are calling on Dundee City Council to have the pothole filled in, as it poses a danger to the many vulnerable people of the town, be they elderly, pregnant or very young.

The pothole was first noticed four weeks ago, outside The Nappy Pin on Gray Street, but as yet nothing has been done about it.

Staff from nearby businesses commented that Kathleen was not the first person to fall into the pothole, and that another lady tripped the previous week.

Around 17,000 potholes have been filled in Tayside and Fife after the severe weather this year.

In the Dundee area over 50 potholes were repaired each day, with 5980 resurfaced in January and February alone.

A spokesperson for Dundee City Council said that the incident was the subject of a current inquiry.