Broughty has the busiest boats!

Broughty Ferry lifeboat in action
Broughty Ferry lifeboat in action

The operational results released this week by the RNLI have shown that Broughty Ferry had the busiest lifeboat crew in Scotland.

In all a total of 476 launches were recorded by Scottish lifeboats in June, July and August, with the volunteers of the Broughty Ferry station accounting for 43 of them.

According to the figures released on Monday that total was up 20 launches on last year. Dave Martin, lifeboat operations manager at Broughty Ferry said: “It has been a very busy time for us due mainly to the good weather with more people using the water and we thank employers for allowing the volunteer crew time away from work to help people in distress.

“The public are becoming more vigilant and aware of reporting incidents to the Coastguard who in turn ask the RNLI to launch lifeboats.”

On average there were more than five launches a day by Scottish lifeboats, and the total of 476 launches was just four short of the record-breaking Summer of 2008.

Andy Clift, Scotland’s regional operations manager, said: “A good summer on the weather front has turned into a busy one for our lifeboats in Scotland, with more people coming to enjoy the coast and sea. We would like to remind the public that some of the incidents undertaken by lifeboats could be avoided if they followed simple beach safety messages, adhered to warning signs, and checked tide tables.

“We can not fault the professionalism and commitment of our volunteer crews who turn out at a moment’s notice 24/7 to help other people in distress, and this is particularly notable when we have long shouts in Scotland lasting several hours.

“I would also like to thank our dedicated supporters and fund-raisers. Without their kind generosity and hard work we would not be able to equip and train our lifesavers or help so many people in trouble at sea.”