Broughty roads to be repaired

POTHOLED roads in Broughty Ferry which a local councillor has described as “like the surface of the moon” are to be resurfaced over the next 12 months.

And the general concensus of householders in the area is “about time too!”

The streets which will receive attention as part of the city council’s carriageway resurfacing programme for 2012/13 include Panmure Terrace, Camphill Road, Fairfield Road, Torridon Road, Albany Place and Churchhill Place.

One local householder welcomed the fact that the work is to take place. He commented: “Everyone in the houses in this area is paying expensive council tax. It’s about time the roads got fixed. We have been complaining about the state of them for years.”

Ferry councillor Derek Scott said: “Although many other locations in the area are in desperate need of attention I’m pleased that Panmure Terrace, Fairfield Road and Torridon Road are being resurfaced.

“Panmure Terrace resembles the surface of the moon, particularly at its junction with Godfrey Street, Fairfield Road has a sunken utility track running along its entire length and Torridon Road is just crumbling away.”

He continued: “The state of our roads and pavements is the number one issue raised with me by constituents and it was just about the only thing people wanted to speak to me about as I made my way round the doors during the recent council election campaign.

“A report came before the council’s city development committee last year which highlighted that in Dundee there is a £22 million carriageway maintenance backlog and the council requires to spend £2.3 million a year just to maintain the roads network at the current condition.

“I have always been of the view that local authorities should concentrate on getting basic services right and you can’t get more basic than providing level road surfaces and trip hazard free pavements.”

A spokesman for Dundee City Council commented: “These works are programmed for this financial year and will begin in the summer, running through to early next year.”

It emerged last week that the council has repaired 18,000 potholes over the past year as it battles damage caused to carriageways.

Councillor Scott was also pleased to be able to advise residents of Manor Place and Bayfield Gardens in Broughty Ferry that their pavements are to be brought up to standard during the current financial year.