Broughty treasure trove sells at auction

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An unusual collection of militaria from Broughty Ferry - including a set of four 18th century cannons - attracted interest at auction this week.

The items belonged to a late Brunei Airlines pilot who lived in Broughty Ferry and his family tasked Dundee auction house Curr & Dewar with their valuation and sale upon his death.

They uncovered a treasure trove of military related items - which includes a set of 18th century Malayan cannons, a mint condition 1944 Irvin flying jacket, an Enfield rifle and handguns used by the British Army in combat.

All of the items went on sale at Curr & Dewar’s auction house in Dundee on Tuesday.

Auctioneer Steven Dewar told the Gazette: “We had a great response from the public, there was a big turnout on the day and a lot of people here who had come to spend some money.

“We had a flying jacket that sold for £270 and then we had antique weapons - an Enfield rifle which sold for £440 and we also had a percussion pistol which sold for £220 and a flintlock pistol which sold for £460.

“We’re really chuffed with this.

“We also had an unusual set of Malayan cannons that belonged to an airline pilot who passed away and we cleared out his house.

“We had four cannons and sold three, one for £600, one for £400 and another for £280. Unusual things but well received by the public.”

The auctioneer said one of the Malayan cannons was dated from 1731 - but had stood in the owner’s garden in Broughty Ferry for several years before his death.

He said: “It is an unusual item. It is scratch dated to 1731 and we don’t dispute that date.”

The largest of the four cannons measured in at around five feet with the others being smaller deck cannons, including one which may have been a signal gun.