Bus chaos in residential streets

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A HOUSEHOLDER in Queen Street, Carnoustie, has questioned the need to divert buses through a residential area

Stagecoach local services have been rerouted while work is done on the properties destroyed in Friday’s major fire.

Stagecoach Dundee confirmed that due to the blaze in the High Street, Carnoustie, on Friday, services 73/73A are currently diverting via Queen Street and Newton Road and may be subject to minor delays.

Speaking to the Guide & Gazette, our reader stated: “I have talked to my neighbours and this has actually been causing chaos as buses have been unable to turn into Queen Street and on one occasion a bus was forced to reverse back along Maule Street.

“Buses should not be travelling along Maule Street in the first place but have been doing so as a result of the High Street being closed following last weekend’s fire.”

Local councillor, Angus Provost Helen Oswald said: “I am sorry that local residents are being faced with this disruption. The fire was devastating for the owners and users of the businesses and it was inevitable that there would be a degree of disruption.

“Hopefully it will be kept to an absolute minimum and things will get back to normal as quickly as possible.”

On Wednesday, a spokeswoman for Stagecoach Strathtay said: “Unfortunately due to last week’s fire in Carnoustie High Street our service 73 is currently required to use a diversion route until the High Street is passable.

“The diversion route, advised by Angus Council, is via Queen Street and Newton Road, and we are unable to serve a number of stops on Church Street and Carlogie Road as a result. While any diversion is not ideal, it is necessary to provide an alternative route for our customers relying on the bus rather than miss a far more significant area of the route and the majority of Carnoustie itself.

“On occasions we have struggled to pass indiscriminately parked cars on the diversion route and on one occasion this resulted in the bus having to use Maule Street. Unfortunately, on this occasion an incident occurred in which our vehicle damaged a car on Maule Street, and our claims department will be taking appropriate action.

“We have since contacted Angus Council to assist in traffic management in the area to ensure our vehicles can use the suggested diversion safely but we would like to apologise for any inconvenience this necessary diversion has caused in the meantime.”

A spokesperson for Angus Council commented: “Buses are being temporarily diverted along Queen Street following the fire in Carnoustie High Street last Friday evening.

“Queen Street was previously used as a bus route for a time and is still used in specific situations, such as when there are roadworks in the High Street or during the switching on of the town’s Christmas lights.

“Alternative temporary routes would have taken bus services further away from the town centre and created more disruption for passengers. Buses will resume their normal route as soon as possible.”